SELECTED WORKS 2014 – 2016
Literary monthly HOST was created in 1985 as a samizdat magazine published once per year. After 1989 it was legalized and underwent many changes in periodicity, size and orientation. As from 1999, it has become a monthly and has been considered one of the most important cultural periodicals in Czechia. HOST especially deals with contemporary Czech literature and literary criticism. An important part, nevertheless, is dedicated to world literature as well as to further subject areas of the humanities, such as philosophy, literary theory and history, aesthetics, and history of art, among others. A lot of space in HOST is dedicated to reviews of current book production (Review Supplement), original literary output and presentation of the personalities of contemporary literature. The most outstanding figures of today’s Czech literature, such as Milan Kundera, Josef Škvorecký, Ivan Wernisch, Zbyněk Hejda, Karel Šiktanc, Ivan M. Jirous, Jiří Kuběna, A. J. Liehm, and among the younger generation J. H. Krchovský, Jáchym Topol, Pavel Kosatík, Miloš Urban, Bogdan Trojak, Petr Borkovec, Michal Viewegh, etc., have published their texts on HOST’s pages. The monthly also deals with poetic and prosaic creations of young and unknown authors. Coverage of different literary events and festivals as well as news from the world of literature also make an integral part of HOST. The monthly has a distinctive layout and its texts are accompanied with series of photographs and profiles of their authors.